Now is the Right Time to Convert to Solar Power


We have bragged about how much the price of solar panels and components has dropped in the last fifteen years.  It dropped an astonished 80 percent as manufacturers enjoyed the savings of high volume production.  In the last two years, trade wars, a pandemic and supply chain issues have reversed some of those savings. It…

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Solar Power Renewable Energy Tops List

solar power renewable energy

Oil prices are soaring.  Gasoline at the pump will follow. In fact, gas prices are predicted to soar to over $7 a gallon by mid-summer.  Inflation is running away, but renewable energy has been dropping in price for decades. Ask yourself, “Do I still want to be hostage to out of control rising fossil fuel…

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Does Solar Perform in Harsh Winter Weather

does solar perform in harsh winter weather

Solar Panels Will Survive Recently I realized the real question homeowners are asking about solar is: “How well does solar perform in harsh winter weather?”  Recently a solar supplier responded to inquiries about solar street and highway lights could stand up against wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. There is good news.  Solar panels are…

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Does Solar Work in Winter?

does solar work in winter

I am looking out at a gray sky and falling snow on a northern winter afternoon. I reflect on how */#$%^&* cold it is outside and think “There is no way anyone will believe solar can work here and now.”  Yet, solar does work.  Solar energy is a favorite renewable energy power source precisely because…

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Wind and Solar Power: Which is Better?

wind and solar power

The Renewable Energy industry is booming!  Wind and solar power are among the most popular alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar power is extracted by solar panels and wind power is generated by wind turbines. When wind turns the turbine blades, its generator converts the rotational energy into mechanical power. That power is then converted into…

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Still Waiting to Switch to Solar Power?

waiting to switch to solar power

Did you wait for solar power to be more affordable?  Were you worried it was just a fad that would be replaced by something more efficient down the road?  In fact, solar power has been around for decades, and while the solar panels become more efficient, or more aesthetically pleasing, the old systems are still…

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The Renewable Energy Initiative

Renewable energy has grown rapidly in recent years, but experts don’t believe it has grown quickly enough to stave off the worst effects of global warming. In December 2021, President Biden signed an executive order.  This renewable energy initiative will  reduce emissions across federal operations and invest in American clean energy industries and communities.   There…

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Where Solar Power Installations Reign

solar power installations

r is growing more popular than ever in the United States. It is a critical component in the race to reach clean energy goals by 2030. Just where are solar power installations happening?

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Even in Pouring Rain, PV Panels Work

if you convert to solar power now, you will begin to realize electricity savings immediately. If you wait, you will be paying another year of electricity with no ROI. Even in pouring rain PV panels work to save you money.

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