Wind and Solar Power: Which is Better?

The Renewable Energy industry is booming!  Wind and solar power are among the most popular alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar power is extracted by solar panels and wind power is generated by wind turbines. When wind turns the turbine blades, its generator converts the rotational energy into mechanical power. That power is then converted into electrical power. Wind and sunlight are domestic sources of energy, sustainable, abundant and inexhaustible. But which is better?

Wind and Solar Power: which is better?
Wind and Solar Power

Both are Clean Green Energy

Both Wind and solar power reduce toxic pollution. Once installed, both generate power with little to no carbon emissions. Both energy sources are also intermittent, though both wind and solar power  are overwhelmingly  reliable resources with an endless supply of power. So which is the better option?

Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy output is more predictable than the energy output of wind energy turbines. People can have their own solar power systems installed in their own home or business. By using microinverters to boost electricity production, the system is sustainable for decades. Solar can be installed almost anywhere. Unlike wind turbines, solar panels have less criteria for where they can be located. Solar panels can be installed on rooftops of home, businesses, barns and in the side yards. Once the solar panels are up and operational, they are an incredibly quiet method of generating electricity. Wind Turbines are terribly noisy, and people living near them have submitted complaints to that effect.

Wind Power Advantages

Turbines generate wind power day or night, while solar energy can’t be harnessed at night or when there is little to no sun. Wind turbines are a more efficient power source than solar. Solar panels are now approaching 28 percent capacity. When there is wind, wind turbines can produce more power. There is less carbon emitted into the atmosphere is lower than that of solar panels. One wind turbine produces 4.64 grams of carbon dioxide compared to 70 grams of carbon dioxide from a solar panel.

Which is Best for You?

If you have a normal size lot, solar might be the better fit. Wind turbines have specific location requirements. They need certain consistency in wind as well as more space than solar panel arrays. There are other considerations. Solar Energy systems require less monitoring, less maintenance and operations silently. The installation is faster and uses minimal cables. Solar power is less susceptible to lightning and wind damage. As Solar Energy Systems have no moving parts, a solar energy system needs little maintenance and lasts years. If there are any wind breaks a turbine may  not even be an option. If on the other hand, your land is rural in nature, has wind speeds that can power a turbine in power production.

Talking to a Professional

Find out between wind and solar power, which is better for you by talking to a professional. In Minnesota, a family run firm called Renewable Solar Resources has spent years working to support the transition to clean renewable energy on residential and commercial properties. Renewable Solar Resources believes in a clean energy future and has found solar to be an incredibly reliable energy source even in their home state of Minnesota. Solar panels, inverters and solar storage have continued to become ever more efficient, making solar an incredibly affordable option for renewable energy of today and the future. But Renewable Solar Resources will not recommend solar installations in locations that do not receive sufficient photovoltaic rays. Contact Renewable Solar Resources today to set up an energy audit for your site.