Solar Incentives

solar incentives

Switching to solar power offers a host of financial advantages. There’s the electric bill that is negligible to non-existent each month. On average, solar converts have reported their new solar installations pay for themselves in about eight years.  The solar power also boosts home values an additional 4.1 percent according to Zillow. The immediate financial…

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Solar Heat and Solar Heated Water?

Electricity AND heat? When you see information on solar conversion, do you think only of lights and electricity or, do you think about heating your home, and water on solar energy too?

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Why Solar Is Sweeping Across the US

Why Solar is Sweeping Across the United States Solar energy answers a lot of challenges, but the number of people consuming non-renewable sources of energy is still increasing to a disturbing extent.  Several countries, including China and the United States have started using solar energy more widely, but there is a long way to go…

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