Renewable Energy Options on Earth Day

On Earth Day, people all over the world take some time to review their daily energy and plastics usage choices.  This practice is a good idea.  It’s easy to get caught up in our daily grind and be too distracted to stop and think about it. Whether you’re considering reuse, recycling or energy usage, thanks for caring about this planet we share.  As Renewable Solar Resources is all about renewable energy, we are once again reflecting on renewable energy options on Earth Day 2021. 

Commuting to work.

Cars in America are the proverbial elephant in the room.  A symbol of independence and freedom, our vehicles are also a huge factor in the rising carbon footprint we leave.  How you get to work becomes critical when you look at the cumulative effects.  Less than 1 percent, or 805,722 people in the US rode a bike to work in 2019.  Just under 3 percent walked to work in 2019, or 4,153,050 people.  (Let’s not count 2020.  It was an atypical year by any measure.)  If those numbers are less than 4 percent, how many of the majority are driving alone to work daily? (source: US Census Bureau)

Working from Home?

In overall US energy usage, according to fossil fuel powered 80 percent of consumption.  Renewables made up about 11 percent of total energy consumption in the US.  So, what constitutes renewable energy? In order of highest to lowest usage, renewable energy includes: wind, hydro-electric, biofuels, wood, solar, biomass waste, and geothermal. 

The small percentages of renewable energy sourced power is frustrating.  Take heart. Consumption of biofuels, geothermal, solar and wind energy rose three times their usage twenty years ago.  Of the 11.4 percent powered by renewable energy; electric power sector accounted for over half of US consumption in 2019.

Solar Renewable Energy

Solar power accounted for just over one percent of energy consumed in 2019, but has been steadily growing in popularity.  As we near Earth Day 2021, we see more homeowner leaving  fossil fuel powered electricity.  Seeing homeowners powering their homes with solely owned solar power generation panels is exciting.  There is nothing better than getting feedback from Renewable Solar Resources customers when their electric bills plummet or disappear altogether.  Knowing people can realize a return on the money they put into their systems, while benefiting the planet is great.  When you realize solar power is an affordable, easy to maintain power generation system, the idea becomes more fantastic. 

This Earth Day, visit Renewable Solar Resources or call (888) 432-9024 to schedule your own free solar conversion consultation.  A professional will take onsite PV readings, analyze site energy usage, and give you a full energy audit.  Energy education is a big part of what Renewable Solar Resources focuses on. Customers are shown how to control energy usage and solar panel placement site eligibility.  Learn about the tax incentives being offered by the federal government as well as state and local motivators.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable solar power can be as your renewable energy options on Earth Day.