Why Solar Is Sweeping Across the US

Why Solar is Sweeping Across the United States

Solar energy answers a lot of challenges, but the number of people consuming non-renewable sources of energy is still increasing to a disturbing extent.  Several countries, including China and the United States have started using solar energy more widely, but there is a long way to go to convert enough homes to reach the point of sustainable energy consumption.  Across the globe, a scarce amount of renewable energy is being developed to answer energy needs. 

In the United States, the solar industry is booming, reaching 2 million solar conversions, but the number could be far higher.  In fact, solar conversions are expected to reach as many as 4 million in the next two years.  More solar conversions will make the air cleaner and each panel will become even more effective at converting solar energy to electricity.  Since solar energy is also abundant and free to use, once you have the panels, it is more popular than ever as a renewable energy option.

As more homes are powered by solar power, the atmosphere will become cleaner because solar energy does not produce pollutants as it converts sunshine into power.  It is in fact, known as one of the cleanest sources of energy available today.  Solar power is renewable, and the solar panels are rated for 25 years (many panels are reported to have an actual lifespan of 40 to 50 years), so even solar panel production has less byproducts than the fossil fuel competitors.

Once the solar panels are installed, the energy is free and abundant.  Panels installed properly can gather enough sun to cover more than most homeowner’s electrical needs.  Often homeowners get refunds from their electric company when excess electricity is exported to the grid for use by other electricity customers on that grid.

Why Solar is Great for Homeowners

Savings. What draws most homeowners to convert to solar energy is the financial savings.  With the 80%+ drop in conversion costs, the breakeven for conversion is realized much sooner than in previous years, sometimes in less than five years.  Considering your panels are warrantied for decades that is a huge leap ahead.  Obviously the breakeven is affected by several other factors, like the amount of sun the panels are exposed to year round, the size of the home, the number of panels installed and energy usage in the home.  Still, your electricity for the next twenty five years is paid for in the cost of the solar conversion installation.  From that point on, there are very few costs of operation.

Sleeker installation methods and designs.  With solar panel options expanding constantly, you can enjoy more subtle options that allow you to continue to enjoy your home’s curb appeal.  Current panels designs options include the classic uniformly colored crystalline silicon, the blue variegated polycrystalline silicon panels and the black thin-film solar panels.

Incentives.  On the federal level, you can deduct 26% of your 2020 solar conversion cost, though that number drops in 2021.  On the state and municipal level there are more incentives for converting to solar power.  This saves you even more money, but time is running out on the credits which end for residential conversion by 2022.  Since incentives drop annually until they are phased out completely, 2020 is a great year to convert. 

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