There is More Than One Way to Solar Panel Your Home

Solar panels are on your roof where you are seldom hanging out, but some may be concerned over converting to solar panel electricity, because they feel the panels are not aesthetically pleasing.  Renewable Solar Resources can show you new options that have been developed.  There are solar panels that look uniform in color and texture, leaving a sleekly modern roofline. 

When solar panels were first introduced, they may have been manufactured in one design, but today there are options. Today, that solid black roof you see, may actually be a roof covered in black  seamless solar panels.  When we talk about solar energy, the part people envision is solar panels, because they are the most visible part of the conversion system.  Panels are also the largest part.  Maybe appearance shouldn’t matter in a solar panel, but let’s be honest.  We want our homes to be appealing.  We take time to make decisions on roofing colors and materials, on siding and windows and doors that change the look of the home to make it inviting and attractive.  So, it stands to reason that people will care about how their solar panels look on their home’s roof. 

Most solar panels are made of crystalline silicon.  Some of those crystalline panels are made of monocrystalline silicon, comprised of pure silicone.  These are the most efficient solar panels, and they are the most expensive.  The Monocrystalline silicon solar panels are made out of cylindrical silicon ingots, which are cut into silicon wafers of the solar panels.  This process results in a uniform look.  Because of the super efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, these panels are also space efficient and have a long life expectancy of over twenty five years.  In lower light conditions, these panels produce more power than the alternative panels.

A less expensive option is the polycrystalline silicon solar panels.  These panels are also made out of crystalline silicon, but are slightly less pure and are less efficient.  The silicon wafers that make up a solar panel are manufactured by melting raw silicon and pouring it into molds before being cut into the wafers.   Though polycrystalline silicon solar panels are less efficient than monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the loss of function is slight, and homeowners often want the savings from choosing this option.

There is a relatively new option available in solar panels.  Some solar panel manufacturers offer thin film solar panels.  Thin Film panels are uniform black in color and have a clean sleek look.  Unfortunately, because the thin film panels are significantly less efficient, many more panels will be needed, making it nearly impossible to effectively place a thin film system in a residential application.  There just isn’t enough roof to accommodate the number of panels needed.

Some solar panel manufacturers like Enphase-Solaria use a microinverter with AC Module applications to create a uniformly colored smooth seamless panel grid.  In English, this solar grid is efficient enough to install on homes, but still provides a smooth, seamless appearance that almost looks like no panels are there. 

At, Renewable Solar Resources, we want you to be excited about your conversion.  Excited, because you will be locking in your electricity cost for decades.  Excited, because you will be using renewable energy and making a difference in lowering air pollution.  Excited, because your home will look beautiful and perform even better.  Visit  or call us at (888) 432-9024 to set up a free consultation with facts on how your solar conversion can save money.