The Longest Foreclosure Case! asks if your foreclosure battle with your lender feels like it has been going on forever.  The longest battle we are aware of is that of Patsy Campbell in Okeechobee county Florida.  First filed in 1985, the foreclosure case against Ms. Campbell outlasted six different banks,  2 marriages, four presidencies, and the birth of seven great grandkids, all while Ms. Campbell remained in the house that had been foreclosed.  The first filing happened to coincide with the savings and loan crisis, and Ms. Campbell challenged it.  The note passed into the next lender’s hand before the foreclosure process could be completed.

Ms. Campbell challenged the foreclosure on the grounds that her mortgage was improperly transferred between banks and federal agencies, and that the bank’s  lawyers waited beyond the allotted time to prosecute the case, among other challenges.  Each challenge, no matter how minor delayed the case for at least a month, but often much longer during times of high foreclosure filings.  Ms. Campbell does not apologize for not paying the mortgage all this time.  She began paying her monthly mortgage payments, but following an illness, she got behind on her payments.  The bank did not work out a resolution with her, so Patsy Campbell did not resume payments, deciding to wait until the court could work it out.  Inferior lender record keeping among other issues helped her hold onto her home for decades.  In that time, Patsy Campbell became intimately familiar with Florida civil procedure statutes, and stated if the lenders had good cases, the foreclosure case would have been closed long ago.

As it was, the case was finally ruled on, appealed and the original ruling held.  Ms. Campbell eventually lost her home after fighting off the banks for nearly 28 years.

Ms. Campbell spent years and untold hours on defending her home. Luckily she was retired and able to spend the time on this problem. helps homeowners who are unable to work with their lenders to resolve their mortgage default, or who are improperly being foreclosed on.  Let us help you locate an experienced local attorney who knows the process in your jurisdiction.  There are many reasons to fight a foreclosure wrongfully executed.  Tell us your situation to learn how we can help you save your home or be compensated for your wrongful foreclosure.