The Warrior Cane Project

Cane Masters founder, Mark Shuey, has many martial art and self-defense training systems that he has developed.  One of my favorites is the Warrior Cane Project.  This non-profit foundation features a self-defense system that was developed by Mark Shuey and Tom Forman to teach and promote the use of the cane as a tool in self-defense to disabled military veterans.  In the process, both men hoped to reduce the stigma of invalid which many injured veterans seem to attach to the cane.  through using the cane in martial arts training, many trainees found it became less about being an invalid and more about learning new fighting skills. 

The Warrior Cane Project took their message on the road to spread the message to more veterans.  The founders firmly believe Training our Military Veterans in Combat Cane serves to

  • Help with physical rehabilitation for those who are disable
  • Build morale among disabled and able veteran
  • Allow a Wounded Warrior to maintain partial or full active duty service
  • Empower Veterans to remain Warriors

If you are considering donating to this worthy cause, donations can be sent to:

The Warrior Cane Project
PO Box 151
Incline Village, NY 89450

If you would like to host a 3 hour cane seminar:

The Warrior Cane Project is offering a free* 3 hour cane seminar for groups of 25 or more military veterans, which includes a free cane ($225 value). In order keep this event free for the attendees, we are asking for financial support. For more information or to schedule an event, please contact: Cane Masters (800)422-2263 or email

*please note that Mr. Shuey and/or Mr. Forman will need travel and lodging expenses costs paid by host if you are organizing a veteran seminar.  Attentding Veterans would then be able to enjoy participation in the seminar free of charge.