Tips to Avoid Foreclosure wants to remind you avoiding foreclosure is the most cost effective way to save your home. 

1.Make (or answer) the call for help.  Before giving up on saving your home, contact your mortgage servicer as soon as you know you can’t make your monthly payment.  The phone number is on your monthly mortgage statements.  Explain (Briefly) why you can’t make your payment and ask for help to avoid foreclosure.

2. Reach out for Free expert help.  With the drop in foreclosures since the height of the mortgage crisis, Housing counseling agencies near you can take more time with you to help develop a plan of action for avoiding foreclosure.

3. Get Paid legal representation.  If you are not making progress, or if you feel your lender is foreclosing in an inappropriate way, hire an attorney.  Several attorneys across the nation have experience specific to foreclosure defense and homeowner foreclosure representation. Visit today to get connected to a licensed, experienced lawyer in your jurisdiction.