Wellness One of Auburn:

Modern Treatment of Age Old Problems

Sometimes spinal surgery is just not the best way to get relief from the pain you are dealing with.  Wellness of Auburn of northeast Ohio delivers a fresh approach to old problems. 

Wellness One of Auburn

Wellness One of Auburn is a clean and modern, yet welcoming facility in Ohio. Its staff , with years of experience offers:

  • Chiropractic care tailored to each patient and offering a wide variety of chiropractic techniques.
  • Massage Therapy designed to increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, relax muscles as well as aid in recovery and range of motion improvements.
  • Physical Therapy treatment uniquely planned for each patient to return to their daily living activities fast.  Before leaving, Wellness One of Auburn works with patient on a comprehensive home program for continued healing.
  • Acupuncture which doesn’t just remove pain, but which encourages the body to heal naturally and more quickly as function improves.
  • Disc Decompression Traction Therapy relieves pressure on the discs and nerves.  Even herniated discs slowly begin to slide back into their natural spot to relieve pressure on nerves.
  • Questions about any and all of these therapies are welcome.  The Staff at Wellness One of Auburn, Ohio love making patients feel better.  Get to know us at WellnessOneofAuburn.com.