What Makes a Good Medical Device?

If you or your loved one lost mobility, wouldn’t you look for a medical device that would enhance healing, rehabilitation, or lifestyle, if recovery is not an option?  That is the concept that launched Cane Masters Inc.

Cane Masters is all about reducing the vulnerability and immobility of those who are weaker and in need of assistance walking, whether due to injury, disease or age.  Their Canes are beautifully and creatively crafted, without sacrificing strength.  Each Cane Master cane is made from hardwood to make sure you can rely on its strength, while it offers assistance in walking and mobility.  Mark Shuey and Keith Melton interweave the product with training seminars and virtual dojo sessions that develop strength, balance and yes, even mobility to those who did not think they could get any of that back.  Mark Shuey consulted with Dr. John Ruberto, Bruce Vinciguerra and Timothy House to develop the Cane Chi exercise wellness and rehabilitation program into an easy to follow manual, converting the proprietorial exercise techniques into pictorial format.

Each Cane Chi starter package includes a new hardwood cane, an instructional video and exercise bands to be used with the cane as shown in the instructional video.  This is a gentle but effective way to enhance your rehabilitation and recovery.  Don’t take our word for it; show the exercises to your own doctor for feedback on customized rehabilitation.