Drill head

Drill head: the cutting tool at the end of a drill string used to remove material and create pilot boreholes. Drill heads are often equipped with a nozzle capable of jetting high-pressure water to facilitate the drilling process.

Multi spindle drill heads from Zagar are unmatched by any other on the market. We can design, re-engineer, or modify to satisfy any hole making need, whether it involves extremely close centers, unique patterns or any material. Zagar pairs client needs and specifications with machinery you can depend on, year after year.

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What Make Zagar Multi Spindle Gearless Drills a Top Performer?

Zagar gearless multi-spindle drill heads offer the closest possible spindle centers for greater production. Fixed spindle construction delivers improved spindle/drill bushing alignment. High quality construction materials and workmanship guarantee extended tool life and maintenance, dropping machine down times. The proprietary design reduces backlash, while improving and elongating tapping and tool life.

Need different pitches? Zagar’s multiple spindle gearless drill and tap heads come completely assembled, so your set costs and down time are cut short. These heads allow simultaneous multiple pitch tapping. The spindles can be relocated and/or added, resulting in less retooling in the future. Even better, the spindle locations on this drill and tap head are not restricted to gear train configurations like conventional drill heads. Instead, the Zagar gearless drill and tap head allows for completely random patterns of simultaneous drilling and tapping. Spindle patterns can be combined to reduce costs and minimize changeover time.

The gearless multiple spindle head also accommodates varying part elevation. It facilitates use of standard length cutting tools, so you can avoid the exceptionally costly specialty lengths, non-standard cutting tools.

Getting the Spindle Series Right

There are some considerations for getting the best efficacy out of your multiple spindle drill head. For instance, when you select the right spindle series for your application, the largest hole in the spindle pattern should not exceed the capacity of the selected series’ basic spindle. There are exceptions to every guideline. Larger drill sizes can work well if slower feed rates are used to accommodate smaller drills on the other spindles. Experts suggest choosing series one size larger for heavy duty production work if spindle sizes required are available in the larger series. Contact Zagar.com for a catalog or more information on this.

With regard to the choice of spindle size, Zagar recommends that you use the basic spindle whenever the center distance between holes is not limited. If hole distance is limited, select spindle size that suits the application. Just remember that when tool sizes vary, spindle size proportion needs to match accordingly. Too small spindle size compared to tool size can result in multiple production problems resulting in down time.

One last point to make with regard to selecting the right drill head size. The outside edge of the outermost spindles in the hole pattern must all be within the maximum spindle area of the head. IT may seem like common sense, but is forgotten more often than you would think. And lastly, select a drilling and tapping head with the style of drive that is suitable for the speed and torque requirements your operation will have. Zagar, as it has since 1937, specializes in hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping machines and related equipment. Visit us at www.Zagar.com , or email sales@Zagarinc.com or call us at (216)731-0500 for more information on Drill heads and other industrial hole making equipment and accessories.