Where Can You Train in Cane Martial Arts Without Breaking Social Distancing?

Now is the right time to consider your fitness and how you could learn a safe form of self-defense.

Cane Masters Mark Shuey offers a whole spectrum of cane related martial arts techniques and exercise moves in the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo.  The Dojo is live three days a week, and in the Dojo sessions, Grand Master Mark Shuey demonstrates powerful martial arts techniques for students of all levels from beginner to master.  For under $50 a month, you can access the training sessions any time, 24/7 from the safety of your own home.  In a time when social distancing is critical and sometimes legally mandated along with masks, Cane Masters Virtual Dojo offers a classroom or training session that you can access anywhere you have connection to the internet.  Take a tablet outside in your own green space and enjoy the sun while you stretch.  Use your computer monitor in your home to play the Cane Chi or Cane Fu training videos.  You will be amazed at the new mobility, strength and balance you discover within yourself! 

Subscribe for as short as one month, 6 months or a full year giving yourself access to hours of training.  If purchased separately, Cane Masters values these training videos at over $1,000, but access to them all will be included in your Cane Masters Virtual Dojo membership subscription.  While you are on the https://www.canemasters.com/ site, visit The Cane Chronicles to learn more about the Cane Masters Inc and the Mark Shuey American Cane System method of cane self-defense.

Are you worried that you won’t be able to keep up?  Relax. Grand Master Mark Shuey understands that some students need to learn at a different pace.  Cane Masters American Cane System of Martial Arts was developed to be a tool for those with mobility challenges, and the system evolved over the years into much more.  Some of the stretches and exercises of Cane Chi can even be done from a prone position, like when you’re lying in bed.  This was intentional, since Cane Chi was designed to help with physical rehabilitation of those suffering from mobility loss due to an injury or weakness. There are many levels of the Cane Fu system of Martial Arts, but every student begins at the bottom and works through the levels.  Many of the exercises seem gentle, but they are incredibly effective.  Several students have given surprised feedback at their recovery or progress. 

Cane Masters makes beautifully crafted canes, and anyone would be proud to own and walk with one…but Cane Masters has entire programs that turn those canes into more than a medical aid.  The cane becomes the weapon in plain sight that can be used against attackers to give you the confidence to take steps outside your own home.  Canes can go anywhere with you, since until they are needed otherwise, they are a mobility aid.  That cane becomes a self-defense protection weapon to use no matter where you go.  Cane Masters is giving back confidence to the mobility impaired, one session at a time.  Go ahead. You know you want to.  https://www.canemasters.com/

Virtual Dojo training sessions available 24/7