Why Elves Want Zagar for Manufacturing Quality

The elves are getting exhausted, although production is still going strong.  Sure, less shoppers are willing to brave the pandemic in person, but good little boys and girls will still be disappointed if there aren’t any gifts this holiday season.  Elves want Zagar for manufacturing quality, high volume, high production.

In the manufacturing plant, elves are using technology to achieve new efficiencies.  Even with the programmables, Santa’s elves insist that the most important part of assembling toys (for little and big kids alike) are quality, high production drilling and tapping machines.  ZAGAR specializes in hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping machines and related equipment. 

Elf Favorite #1: The MQ150 SU.  This CNC Mechanical Quill 150 sealed unit is a Ballscrew feed unit which comes standard with pre-engineered modular control systems and control components.  The operating software is user friendly, so you can easily enter the cutting tool parameters: stroke, speed, feed, drill, or rigid tap and more.  These feed units are PLC compatible for multiple unit auto cycling and auto changeover between stored tooling sub-routines. 

What the Elves like about the MQ150SU:

When replacing old units, support transition plates facilitate retrofitting of workholding collet fixtures.  The MQ150 SU is precision ground, pre-loaded with zero backlash, and a 5mm pitch ball screw assembly.  The ball screw is on the centerline of a hardened precision, 55mm diameter quill. 

The internal lubrication system with grease packed bearings is sealed, extending its production life span and making it operable in any position. This MQ150 features precision grade – EP7 high precision spindle bearings, an Involute spline driven spindle, and HSK-32C spindle nose supplied connection with clamping cartridge assembly.   Don’t forget the mounting brackets to suit feed and spindle motors.  MQ150 has HTD synchronous,  8mm pitch, feed belt and pulleys or an HTD synchronous spindle belt and pulleys.


Why the Elves want Zagar Equipment

Elves Love the Zagar MQ150SU

Elf Favorite #2: The Gearless Multi-Spindle Drillhead.  A revolutionary design by Zagar, this powerful machine has stood the test of time with special gearless technology that allows random, close to center multiple spindle arrangements.  These multi-spindle drill heads handle 2 to 5184 spindles.  Zagar Drill and tap heads drive off a single spindle motor to power multiple spindles for simultaneous hole creation, reducing cycle times for mass production using drills, taps, reamers, and other rotating tools.  Elf Dave especially loves the time he saves on server racks with the gearless multi-spindle drill head.

Elf Favorite #3: Dedicated Machines

Zagar Inc. dedicated machines are engineered to drill any surface from wood to hardened metal and everything in between. The machines can be run by human or fully integrated and automated from the smallest to the biggest holes, Zagar Inc can do the job.

Visit  www.zagar.com/dedicatedmachines/  to see where machines are made for thousands of companies all over the world. From IBM computers to auto manufacturers like Ford, Dodge, General Motors, as well as many of Santa’s other subcontractors.

Elves especially appreciate the broad range of use – across toys and machines

Zagar Inc. multi-spindle drill heads are being used in demanding industries including automotive, trucking, aerospace, power generation, and appliances. The credit for industry demand Is steeped in Zagar’s drive to provide consistent performance, better quality holes, improved overall precision productivity and endurance, for years. Zagar offers application support, design and engineering services, fast turnaround, and prompt delivery on all multi-spindle drill heads. Let us show you how much Zagar Equipment can increase your productivity potential.  Click contact at  Zagar.com or call us at (216) 731-0500 today