Zagar drill and tap heads are being used nationwide to combat the current threat posed by the Novel Corona virus (COVID19).  For years, Zagar Inc. has manufactured a variety of different drill heads for the medical industry.  Our drill heads create holes in test tubes or in medical devices for companies throughout the country. Zagar is proud to remain open, especially when our recent quotes could impact production of essential respirators for the medical industry.  Zagar Inc. can produce heads that drill over 3500 holes at once on close centers.  It follows that we can perform almost any other hole producing task you need. Our drill and tap heads have the precision, longevity, and endurance needed, to create  any size and pattern of holes in any industry at any time. Call us at (216) 731-0500 or email us at for information on how we can help fill your hole production needs.

Gearless drill head model by Zagar