Zagar: Drill Heads with Speed, Precision & Endurance

Zagar Inc. Specializes in hole production.  In fact, many know us for gearless drill heads.  But Zagar also produces an amazing line of ultra-durable multi spindle drill heads that we are especially proud of.  Zagar Geared drill heads are made for endurance, as well as for high speed and large capacity.  This geared multi-spindle drill head was designed, engineered, and manufactured with traditional gearing, providing the high repeatability and excellent performance you have come to expect from Zagar Inc.  Features include:

  • Individual spindle speed
  • Simplicity for small number of spindles
  • High-speed spindles
  • Large hole drilling capacity
  • Multi industry standards include automotive, aerospace, power generation and machine tool OEM
Zagar Geared 6-Spindle Drill Head

When you need high speed, exacting precision backed by power and quality, you need Zagar multi spindle drill heads.  Contact us at (216)731-0500 or email us at for more information.