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drilling heads

Drilling and Tapping heads

Zagar Inc. takes pride in engineering hole production solutions for a wide span of customer needs.  Whether you are powering up from the COVID19 induced slumber, or reconfiguring to answer COVID19 safety production needs, ZAGAR Inc. delivers the dependable drilling heads, tapping machines, multiple spindle drill heads, collet fixtures and the dedicated machines that make your production more efficient. 

Drilling Heads

ZAGAR CNC Machining Center Heads  

Make use of your sophisticated machines, ramping up productivity.  ZAGAR CNC Machining Center Heads have an amazing array of features, from maximum hold pattern flexibility, working spindles on axis of rotation, to variable spindle lengths and an orientation locking mechanism that adjusts to a variety of positions.  With high quality hardened gears, a lightweight aluminum alloy body, optional busing plates and an input drive shaft built to suit, the ZAGAR CNC machining heads boost production and flexibility.


ZAGAR Inc. has your turnkey solution with dedicated machines for unique applications.  Contact us today and let us know about your needs: or (216) 731-0500.

ZAGAR Geared Drill and Tap Heads

Designed for high speed and large capacity, ZAGAR gear-driven drill and tap heads provide high repeatability, excellent performance.  These drill and tap heads provide high speed spindles, while offering individual spindle speed, large hole drilling capacity, with simplicity for small number of spindles.  These machines are engineered for multi industry standards, including automotive, aerospace, power generation and machine tool OEM.


ZAGAR Gearless Drill and Tap Heads

When you need the largest Array and/or the closest hole pattern, ZAGAR gearless multiple spindle drill and tap head is the machine for the job.  With the capability to simultaneously drive hundreds of spindles to create special hole patterns, the gearless technology allows close to center applications.  The multiple spindle gearless drill heads come fully assembled with adjustable spindle lengths and fixed spindle construction.   The gearless drill and tap heads are especially productive due to their close centers, combines and random hold patterns, easy relocation or addition of spindles, and simultaneous multi-pitch tapping; all with minimal backlash.  Gearless drill and tap heads make former multiple step drilling and tapping possible with one machine, one pass.


Dedicated Special Machines

Total solutions for your multiple spindle drill and tap needs, the ZAGAR custom drilling and tapping machines are built to suit.  These combination machines merge multiple spindle drilling and tapping with other machines to offer significant cycle time reduction based on unique customer needs.  Some of the Dedicated special machine features include customer specified hold patterns, gearless heads and/or MQ feed units, manual, robotic or automated operation with choice of machine bed configurations, automatic parts feed, feeder bowls or hoppers, and CNC controls.


ZAGAR Inc. is dedicated to making your production efficient, flexible, cost effective, and high yielding.  We do this by producing quality hole-creation machines and workholding machines to work with and enhance your production.  Find out how ZAGAR can improve your manufacture – and your bottom line – by contacting us or calling (216)731-0500 today.