Wish you had machines that are not only fast, but also have the precision you need, every time?  Zagar Inc. has the machines you need.  For over 80 years, Zagar Inc. has focused on hole production machines, and related machines or feed units to those machines.  Whether you need tiny holes for electronics or massive holes for industrial use, Zagar makes drill and tap machines with the precision, speed and repetition you need.  Visit Zagar.com to find the geared or gearless drill and tap heads, feed units, dedicated machines, workholding or robotic end effectors your shop needs for better efficiency in your production line.

Zagar Inc. manufactures and distributes a range of workholding solutions, multi-spindle drill and tap heads, feed units and robotic end effectors. The company’s expertise is machining both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping.