Zagar Inc. Helping Business Redefine Itself

We are beginning to see the world economy rise from the ashes of the COVID-19.  All over the world businesses cautiously reopen, many redefining themselves to serve the current global needs.  Your strength to deal with this adversity comes from within.  The power to redefine your production identity, Zagar can help.

Zagar, Inc. provides a powerful line of quality hole creating machines.  From drilling heads to tapping machines, from collet fixtures to rotary tables – when you think of machining heads, think Zagar, Inc.  We make high speed, high endurance, precision hole creating machines for ferrous or non-ferrous material, large holes or tiny, closely aligned or spread wide. 

We believe in what you do, and want to supply the fixtures to get it done.  Contact us at or call us at (216) 731-0500 and tell us what you need.