Quality Manufacturers can Count On.

Many manufacturers are answering the global call for more supplies: ventilators and accessories, masks and sanitizing gels and sprays.  Other manufacturers, unable to change over, are shutting down until the crisis is over, but doing nothing may be the worst thing to do.  When the economy is freed from lockdown, it will be a knock-down drag out fight for survival, and if your shop is to survive, you will need to be able to hit the ground running. 

Zagar is here for you with the quality machines for every hole and thread creation application you may need.   When you need to be ready to power up for high production, the quality is what makes the difference.  At Zagar Inc. we take pride in producing and distributing quality hole making machines with more strength, speed and endurance than other producers.  In fact, we feel quality is so important, that we have sought out partners so we can distribute not only the quality drilling and tapping machines, but now we can supply high quality Jarvis Cutting Tool taps at the same time. 

When your product needs a largest array of holes in the closest possible pattern, the Zagar Gearless Multi-Spindle Head drill and tap is the answer.  These drill and tap heads drive hundreds of spindles to machine specific hole patterns.  Your gearless multi-spindle head drilling and tapping machine comes fully assembled, with adjustable spindle lengths and fixed spindle construction.   You will enjoy advantages like:

  • Close centers
  • Minimal backlash
  • Simultaneous multi-pitch tapping
  • Various tool holder options
  • Combination and random hole patterns, and
  • Ability to add or relocate spindles

If high speed and large capacity, is what you are looking for, the Zagar Geared Drill and Tap Head is up to the challenge.  Zagar gear driven drill and tap heads provide high repetition and excellent performance.  Our gear driven models deliver:

  • More capacity
  • More power, and
  • More efficiency

than other drill and tap presses.  Zagar geared drill and tap heads reduce tooling costs even as they increase the quantity of parts produced.

But while a quality Zagar machine improves your bottom line through precision, speed and endurance, you need the right quality tap to completely improve your shop’s bottom line.

At Zagar, we are proud to have recently become a distributer of Taps by Jarvis Cutting Tools.  By making quality that holds up, Jarvis can meet precision requirements, even in the Aerospace industry, and using one application as an example, Jarvis taps made five times the number of holes that a competitor’s taps could make before becoming flawed, in one fifth the time of the competitor’s taps.   Imagine your shop producing 5 times the volume in 1/5th the time.  That is the difference that Jarvis Cutting Tools Quality can make.  That is the kind of quality, we at Zagar Inc. believe in delivering.

Zagar Inc. doesn’t offer the cheapest taps and tap heads out there, but Quality Manufacturers can Count On So when you need gear driven or a gearless tapping machines, come to Zagar Inc. or call us at (216) 731-0500.  When you need taps that can increase tool performance by up 70%, come to Zagar.  We/ve got you covered.

Note: Earlier, we mistakenly published that Zagar Inc. is an exclusive distributor of Jarvis Cutting Tools. They are a distributor of Jarvis Cutting Tools, but are not exclusive. We apologize for the error.