Zagar: Manufacturing Reliability

According to the FDA, Product reliability is defined as “the probability that it will perform satisfactorily for a specified period of time under stated use conditions. ‘Probability’…in the mathematical sense [indicates] the likelihood of occurrence.” Zagar makes manufacturing reliability its priority.

Zagar - Manufacturing Reliability

Zagar: Manufacturing Reliabiity

Suppliers love to talk about innovation and conscientious manufacturing, but the less discussed, yet most critical feature for machines and fixtures to contain, is reliability.  It cannot be added after the machine is created.  Reliability must be engineered into the machine at the beginning of the design phase, and must stand the test of time.

Experience, focus, dirve and quality are critical to establishing Reliability.  Only a reliable machine, built to carry out its function, performs that job consistently over time.  As long as everything runs smoothly, reliability lies forgotten at the bottom of the checklist.  It is in the midst of a part failure or other downtime, that reliability rears its head.  Every downtime serves to remind manufacturers that reliability, high repeatability and reduced downtime are key to successful manufacturing. They beat out shiny new concepts every time.  In today’s competitive market, price and performance can make or break your bid and production. This critical idea shapes Zagar’s approach to hole making equipment.  Zagar built its reputation on designing and building reliable machines.  Since 1937, Zagar hole making machines and fixtures have boosted factory reliability in industries all over the world.

Factors that Enhance Manufacturing Reliability:

Improve Process Training and Understanding.

When machines are used as they were designed to be used, they are less likely to prematurely break down.  According to MachineMetrics, “downtime is the single largest source of lost production time.”  Further, most unplanned downtime is due to process issues such as excessive tool changeover, excessive job changeover, operator deficiency, and unplanned machine maintenance.  A balanced combination of planning, training and quality equipment can significantly cut downtime losses.

Simplify and Improve Manufacturing Machine Design.

We have all heard the wisdom of K.I.S.S.   In machine design, simple streamlined function can outlast complex new machinery by years.   The end result is a more efficient production line, with less downtime.  The behavior of known machine brands is predictive.  Zagar Inc. has been producing hole making machinery for over 80 years.  Their product line is constantly streamlined and updated to allow full integration.  Meanwhile, their machines deliver on the promise of high repeatability, high speed, and accurate efficiency with fewer breakdowns.   Robust designs with large margins have significantly lower failure rates and downtime.  Zagar equipment reliability reduces maintenance costs, keeping those costs consistent and viable.

Design for Easy Maintenance.

By engineering machines for easier maintenance, manufacturers can reduce costs and downtime significantly.  When maintenance can be performed regularly, plants can avoid the bigger failures that require repairmen onsite.  Because unplanned downtime reverberates throughout the company, planning and executing regular maintenance can save substantial costs and boost reliability.

Use Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

By planning maintenance on production equipment, manufacturing plants can save downtime and cost. Maintenance can ensure that issues are found before a part is shredded.  Catching problems early can also protect against production of unusable products.

In conclusion, reliability is affected by many things, but it starts with a strong consistent management team who values reliability.  There must be a culture of reliability, to achieve it.  This starts at the top of the organization but extends through every layer.  Reliability will not only save money and time, but it will also enhance worker and consumer safety.  Putting in place efficiency and reliability programs is a big part of improving plant reliability, but in order for those programs to work, all levels need to be educated on the production and maintenance process.  When the top management prioritizes reliability, all of the key factors integrate, for an efficient, reliable production.

Since 1937, ZAGAR has been manufacturing reliable hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling & tapping machines and related equipment.  Zagar Geared and gearless multi-spindle drillheads are engineered for reliability, adaptability, CNC, high repeatability, speed & performance in manufacturing applications.  Visit today or call (216) 731-0500 for info.