Zagar Quality Tapping and Drilling for Decades

It makes sense, when you take the quality of your machining tools as seriously as we do at Zagar Inc., that you want the best quality taps in those tapping machines.   Zagar Inc. has been designing and producing tapping machine solutions for years.   Our quality drill and tap machines are our way of life and our purpose since 1938. Today, Zagar machines have evolved, but our equipment still provides the speed, reliability and endurance to stay the course, drilling hole after hole, creating precision taps again and again.   

When we provide a quality tapping machine to our customers, we hope they will also consider making sure they have a supply of Jarvis Taps.   Jarvis Cutting Tools supplies the finest cutting tools to manufacturers around the world, and we are now a Jarvis Cutting Tools distributor.  When you need efficiency and endurance, cheap doesn’t save a dime.  Quality will bring your product to completion with lower overall costs in labor and parts.  Email us at or call us at (216)731-0500 for more information.