Zagar: Where Classic Performance and Cutting Edge Merge

Successful manufacturing today includes a combination of traditional and cutting edge equipment. How the machines are combined can create an unexpected boost in the production yield. The key, as it usually does, lies in determining which features of both new designs and classic machines are critical to your goals, and then combining auto controls and other smart features with hard working equipment for speed, accuracy and high production.

Definition of Classic: Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

Example of classic: ZAGAR multi-spindle gearless drill head. The Zagar gearless multi spindle drill heads were of a kind never seen before. The pioneering design allowed for hole making in a previously unseen proximity, in random patterns. It was groundbreaking technology, but it has stood the test of time and today, is still used by manufacturing production lines around the world.

Multi spindle drill heads can be configured in numerous spindle pattern configurations to meet specialized manufacturing needs. The heads can be adapted to most standard vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers equipped with CAT, HSK and BT spindle connections. These gearless drill heads allow close to center applications, where the geared heads could not. They feature adjustable spindle lengths and fixed spindle construction to offer advantages such as combination and random hole patterns, minimal backlash, relocatable spindles, and simultaneous multi-pitch tapping. 

One of the things that make the Zagar multi-spindle gearless drill head a classic, is that it is still a great machine that accomplished far more than many of its contemporary counterparts. The multiple spindle gearless head is built for accurate, high speed, high volume production, then and now.

Definition of Cutting Edge: at the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovation or pioneering.

Example of cutting edge: ZAGAR MQ150 SU. With its dual axis CNC control package featuring Control, internal motion processor and PLC, its 10.4 inch color display and operators panel included, user friendly standard CNC command operation, two servo motors, spindle and feed axis, with absolute encoders; two servo drives, spindle and feed axis, the MQ 150 SU feed unit combines power with user friendly control that allows job changeovers from the CNC control, saving critical changeover time. It is engineered for efficiency, ease of use, accuracy and speed.

The 130mm stroke capacity is usable for programmed rapid traverse or feed rate in both directions. MQ150 SU features a spindle run out of .0101mm, spindle accuracy of .0064mm, and a thrust capacity of 3,560 N (800 pound force) on quill centerline. When you are looking for performance, the Zagar MQ150 SU answers the call. With precision ground, pre-loaded, ZERO backlash 5mm pitch ball screw assembly, this fixture truly gets the job done faster and better than its predecessors. The internal lubrication system and grease packed bearing are sealed, protecting the MQ from damage by swarf and other debris, ensuring a long-lasting lifetime of high-volume manufacturing in any position.

Zagar Merges Gearless Classic and Fearless Cutting Edge for Results that Deliver

Because Zagar understands that the best production is a blend of strength, endurance, production, and technology, our line of machines and fixtures can be integrated with equipment and controllers for premium performance and control. With Zagar equipment, your output will astonish even you. Visit today and get your quote on how we can enhance your operation’s bottom line.