10 Moving Tips to Keep Your Zen

Moving is exciting, exhilarating but not calming.  There is so much to do and to coordinate.  I love spreadsheets and lists, but I’m weird.  So, if you want to wing it, you can, but allow for extra time to complete the move.  If you love to organize, here are some thoughts from PurchaseOurNewHome.com to help keep you calm as you move into your new home.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels
  1. Learn the timelines: Before you buy a home, it helps to know how long it will take from pre-approval to cleared to close on your mortgage.  Since you are buying, there are inspections that make sense to protect you against making a really expensive purchase mistake.  Ask how long the mortgage process will take.  Find out when inspections can be conducted and whether you can be there. For most of us, buying a home is the biggest investment of our lives.  It makes sense, if possible, to be present for home inspections etc.
  • Pick your waste removal firm early on.  When you unpack, you will want all the empty boxes and packing material to go away.  You will want to prep your own meals and the waste needs to be disposed of.  Find a removal firm and check into local recycling options.  You may need to drop off the boxes after breaking them down, or your firm may offer curbside pickup.
  • Make a list.  I love lists.  Without them I inevitably forget something important like calling the electric company to turn the power on, or toilet paper.  There are lots of moving lists online, but I like keeping things separated within the list categories.  On the transfer Utilities to new address list I would have:  1. Disconnect electric at old, Turn Electric on at new address, phone number/URL for electric company.  2. Turn gas/heat off at old address, have gas/heat turned on at new address.  Packing would be a totally different category, with rooms listed under it.
  • Declutter in advance.  The more you remove from your old home before you move, the less you have to move – just saying.  You may still want to get rid of stuff after you move.  But anything you were able to donate or sell before the move will make the move easier.
  • Make a packing plan.  Pack least used and out of season items first.  Separate boxes by area in new home i.e. extra clothing will stay in tubs and go into attic or basement shelves.  Office desk accessories will go in spare bedroom in new home.  Make sure you have enough boxes and/or tubs for your items.
  • What can’t be moved?  Are your washer and dryer going to remain in the old basement because they can’t be removed…or because you agreed to leave them?  Is there anything that cannot be moved?  Do you need to replace it in new place?  Do you need to go over with old landlord or with buyer of old place, so you don’t lose a security deposit or have drama?  Address non-movable items ahead of time.
  • Deal with paperwork:  Shop banks and lenders for the program approval that you like best.  Ask your financial institution how long the normal purchase money loan takes to close, and pad the estimate when you make your purchase offer.  Tips to keep to the schedule: know your credit report before you apply, so you can have mistakes corrected, and derogatory credit cleaned up, if necessary.  Apply for a mortgage loan prior to making offer on home purchase.  Deliver EVERY document requested timely.  If you do not understand what is being requested, ask. 
  • Organize utilities.  Find out which companies service the area of your new home. Set up date for activation in your name at new address.  Set up deactivation date at old address.  The list you made in step 3 can help you make sure you don’t skip a utility.
  • Schedule time to clean.  Allow time to clean new home BEFORE your items are moved in.  Clean former home AFTER your items are moved out, so the place is move in ready, and so you get your security deposit if it’s a rental.  Include this time in your moving days request at your job. 
  1. Keep plans light for a few days.  You are still finding things in their new home, or unpacking things for a few days, or moving stuff around until you like the new arrangement.  Don’t make yourself crazy with a heavy social calendar in the middle of settling into your new home.