“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Melody Beattie, bestselling author.
In the movie Wallstreet, iconic speech by Gordon Gekko declares “…Greed, for lack of a better word,  is good. Greed is right.  Greed works…” 

Gordon was wrong. 

Drive is good.  Inspiration is good.  Desire to improve the world is good.  Pure, unadulterated greed is NOT good.  Greed corrupts and clouds and slows the path of invention and evolution.  Know what else is good?  Gratitude.  While gratitude does not spur invention or evolution, it does make people more satisfied with their lives and the people in them.  According to Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School, Giving thanks can make you happier.

ResourceShark.com supports sites on its directory with blogs, posts and articles.  There are several articles posted for DebtFreedompros.com  that go over ways to make small changes in to save more money and pay down debt.  One of the biggest changes that can turn around your whole approach to debt freedom in 2020, is your mindset.  Changing from wanting that perfect (fill in your own word here) to appreciating what you already have, may not just dissuade you from the belief that you need it, but may help you focus on more fulfilling quests, projects, or relationships.  Giving thanks can make you happier. 

Gratitude can also affect others close to you.  When you express your gratitude for what others around you do for you, it makes them feel good.  It can also inspire them to do more.  That same article in Harvard Health Publishing described the results of a fundraiser, in which the director of the annual giving told the fund raisers she was grateful for their efforts.  During that week, the employees who heard her talk about gratitude made 50% more fundraising calls than the employees who had not been present.  These results are not quantifiable, as there could be other cause and effect going on, but think about how you feel when someone you care about, lets you know they appreciate your efforts.

Today, this article for freedom from debt is written to just remind you to appreciate.  Watch the changes that branch out of that one premise; I am grateful for what I have.

Have a great day, and if you need help with your debt resolution, visit Debtfreedomepros.com to be connected to a professional who can offer help.