A Fun Holiday Tradition

Yesterday a friend shared with me one of her family holiday traditions.  Each member of her family draws the name of the person they will make a gift for.  I LOVE this tradition. Yes, it requires creativity, patience and talent. Because each is only making a gift for one person, they can take time to make it unique, fitting, spectacular, or, well, interesting.  Apparently, some of the best stories shared by the family come out of this gift exchange.  

Today, I reflected on how the Christmas or Hanukkah holiday has become so materialistic…and on how that leads many of us to more debt.  I understand that peer pressure can lead kids to coercing their parents into adding certain gifts to the season, but making the gift giving into a game can change the direction of this portion of the holiday celebration.  I have considered making clues to lead participants to their gifts, but my spouse put the kibosh on that option. So there will be no scavenger hunts this holiday at our house, but there will be laughter anyway.

Each December 24, we host a family dinner and exchange gifts.  At one time there were as many as 20 guests for this exchange, but I prefer the intimacy of immediate family that now join us annually.  I love the laughter and ribbing that go on that day. For us, December 25 is a quiet day by the fireside enjoying each other, and any friends that stop by.  As both holidays loom, I struggle to resist the pressure to find that perfect gift, and to reflect on being a better person for my family sharing the holidays with me. 

From DebtFreedomPros.com,  may this season of hope be joyful for you and yours.