Cane Chi: Wellness, Strength, Balance

Cane Chi is a self-paced, non-competitive form of martial arts that helps your health, wellness, and balance. It was created by Grand Master Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Masters Inc. with the help of a medical doctor to facilitate healing through flowing movements. Cane Chi exercises are designed to improve your circulation, balance and energy with  gentle, low-impact moving meditations which  include stretching, standing, balancing, isometric and isotonic exercises.  It is practiced by a wide range of followers, from the disabled beginners to  elite athletes, with every student benefitting from the slow, low impact  movements and increased balance and muscle control.

Sons of Cane using Cane Chi Techniques

The postures flow together without pause, similar to those in the ancient practice of Tai Chi, but Cane Chi is geared toward the disabled and toward those in need of rehabilitation of a weakened or injured muscle.  In Cane Chi, many of the stretches and movements can even be done from a sitting or lying position, using a cane with or without resistance bands.  The Cane Chi kit includes a sheet where your doctor can even review the collection of exercises and list which exercises he or she wants you to follow.

So, if it is so gentle, you may wonder what Cane Chi can possibly target.  This is the best part.  In spite of the gentle movements, Cane Chi effectively strengthens the following targeted areas.

  • Core.  You will not be doing crunches, so relax, but you will be using your body core muscles as you “flow” from move to move.
  • Legs.  Your legs are used in most of the movements and there is a series of resistance bands that can be gradually increased as leg strength returns.  Because the resistance is increased gradually, the use of bands is not intense.
  • Your arms are also part of each of the gentle Cane Chi movements and will gain strength and tone as you progress.
  • Glute muscles.  As you move, these muscles will get a gentle workout, even though they may not be specifically targeted.
  • Back.  As your whole body flexes through each movement, your back muscles are used too, and as a result, develop strength and flexibility. 

Because the exercises in Cane Chi are so gentle and flowing, following along with the DVD in your own home is a great way to build up balance and strength.  If you are worried about chronic conditions like arthritis, check with your doctor.  We think you will appreciate how the gentle, flowing, low-impact movements are easy on your joints, unlike other cardio driven exercise forms.  Remember, you can even do these movements seated or from a wheelchair if needed.  The gentleness of this particular form of martial arts is a great way to begin getting active again, especially if you are dealing with obstacles like arthritis, diabetes, injuries, or lost muscle tone in your arms and legs.

Grandmaster Mark Shuey, original founder of Cane Masters Inc. and North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, offers Cane Chi tools from the instruction manual to the complete Cane Chi kit, with the manual, videos, cane and resistance bands.  It’s like having a gym in your home.  If you prefer live classes.  Visit to learn about subscribing to the virtual Dojo.  You can subscribe for just a month, a half year, or a full year to Cane Masters Virtual Dojo and enjoy live and recorded training sessions.  Train in the privacy of your own home or yard. The Cane Masters Virtual Dojo covers yoga, Cane Ja self-defense techniques and Cane Chi exercises with your cane; all of which  help rebuild strength, balance and confidence.  Sessions are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.  Try it and experience the ease of technique training and mobility enhancing exercises.