Cane Masters Cane: More Than a Medical Device

Life can be difficult for the recently handicapped.  Learning independence all while developing skill relying on an ordinary walking cane, can be doubly frustrating and a little demoralizing for many.  Add to that the new perception thugs seem to have that you have become an easy mark, and going out on foot can seem dicey.  Cane Masters hand crafted canes and training were created to fight both the feelings of dependency and of disability.

Mark Shuey of Cane Masters created a walking cane, which is a medical device, and backed their canes with training, either through YouTube or through classes developed for the Warrior Cane Project.  The canes are beautifully handcrafted, sturdy and, in the right hands, the perfect defensive weapon.  You don’t have to unsheathe a cane, like you would a sword; you don’t have to take it out of a holster, as you would a pistol.  Your cane is ready to go, like you are.

Cane Master canes are not like your lightweight aluminum canes and do not fold, so they will not collapse when you need them most.  Cane Master canes are crafted from solid hardwood with full attention to detail and can be customized for a one of a kind design.

Years ago, Mark Suey noticed his elderly father refusing to use his own cane out of discomfort at being seen as incapacitated.  Suey began thinking about another way to approach the idea of a medical aid.  As a martial arts expert Suey is trained in all manners of fighting techniques and when he saw the neglect of an important medical device, he set about developing a fighting technique using the canes, and developing a better cane that could stand up to the technique.

The end result is a handsomely designed cane, incredibly crafted, and Cane-Fu, a type of Martial Arts technique that applies the use of the cane to self-defense.  No more victim.  No more stigma.  Just an exquisite work of art that is also a medical aid.   If you know someone who could benefit from this type of medical device, Cane Masters is located in Lake Tahoe Nevada, or go to their website at