Cane Masters: Helping US Age Gracefully

Aging gracefully.  It is what so many want, but when just leaving your home is dangerous, it is difficult to radiate grace.  How can anyone who needs assistance walking, protect themselves against thugs and thieves?  Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Masters is an expert on aging gracefully.  As a martial arts professional for over 50 years, he offers not just stylish cane options, but training on how to use those canes for self-defense.

Mark Shuey in Lake Tahoe 2018

Several years ago, Mark Shuey was visiting his brother in Palm Springs when three women were brutally attacked.  Two of the women, all of whom were over 70 years of age, had canes to defend themselves.  It made Mark Shuey think about new applications for martial arts.  There was cane usage in the martial arts systems, but no system built on the use of canes, so Mark Shuey developed one.  That was 22 years ago.  Today he travels all over the United States training students in the art of Cane-fu, produces and sells finely crafted self-defense canes and hosts a virtual dojo site, where he offers DVD’s on Cane-fu and yoga training videos.  To learn more about specials, products, videos and training opportunities, visit