Cane Masters Offers a Wide Range of Training

Cane Masters is not just for the older crowd, because the canes are works of art and the cane-centric style of Martial arts is ageless.  But as you get older, Mobility ceases to be something you take for granted.  What Cane Masters offers is a pretty kick-a** style of Martial Arts fighting style, that works for people of any age  Still, if you are starting a new exercise program and you are over 55 you might want to be a little cautious about stretching and over exerting muscles before they are toned.

For a wide range of Martial Arts students, Cane Masters offers a great solution.  This style of martial arts offers courses from gentle stretches of Cane Chi, perfect for those injured or just starting, and leading all the way to a black belt level of Cane Fu, before graduating to instructor level.  Grand Master Mark Shuey has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  He has a Master’s Certification with United States National Karate Assoc., American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts and the United States Martial Arts Association.  Mark Shuey is a top competitor in Martial Art Tournaments, and you can learn from him in person, or in one on one virtual sessions or through his collection of recorded classes.  Grand Master Shuey was one of the original founders of Cane Masters and is on most of the training sessions in the virtual dojo offered on to subscribers.   

Offering weekly live and recording training sessions, the virtual dojo covers cane training topics including yoga, Cane Katas, weapons disarming techniques, cane exercises and so much more.  And especially nice, when travel is restricted, is the ability to view and practice from these sessions in your own home or studio, whenever it is convenient for you to view them.  The feedback on the Virtual Dojo and other training sessions is so positive.  One Subscriber raved:  “I often end [previous] exercise session with more pain than I had at the start. However, after using a Cane Masters video, I feel better instead of worse…. Although the videos begin with moves that are not strenuous for me and that are relatively simple, Grand Master Shuey explains how a person can intensify the workout using stretch therapy bands with greater resistance.”   Yet, the response from a special operations combatives instructor wrote to say “Thank you not only for an excellent product but phenomenal service. I have used your canes and promoted them for a number of years for some very specific training applications. In my opinion they are the best out there.”

So, whether you are just beginning to exercise to regain your mobility, or have been practicing Martial Art moves for years, Cane Masters Virtual Dojo has techniques that are quickly learned and applied.  And then there are the canes.  Cane Masters offers beautifully crafted canes made from American Hardwoods that can be used as walking canes or as a weapon of self-defense.  The canes can go with you anywhere, as your mobility aid, while they also offer that boost of confidence that comes with knowing you are not as vulnerable as you thought you were.  You may be surprised at how much your balance, energy and strength will improve as you practice the Cane Master Virtual Dojo techniques featured weekly, or as you learn the Mark Shuey American Cane System style of Martial Arts.  Who knows, it might even make you look forward to using a cane to get around.