energy clean Short Squeeze Bubble giant bubble leverage in the financial system

The rapid rebound in clean energy shows signs of weakness. Indeed, investor enthusiasm apparently overestimated growth potential and overlooked challenges such as fierce competition and pressure on margins. We adjust our view to cautious, as today’s elevated valuations increase the risks of a reality check and further setbacks. However, selected opportunities are still on offer, […]

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Renewable Energy Market

In 2019, renewable energy powered the equivalent of 43.5 million homes in America. The biggest renewable sources, wind and solar, generated hundreds of thousands of jobs and over $10 billion in investments each. By 2025, renewable energy worldwide is predicted to become a $1.5 trillion dollar industry, incredible growth in such a short period of […]

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bill gates nuclear energy

Nuclear generation likely to remain significant in the energy transition RRA Q4 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Nuclear Generation Will Remain A Significant Carbon-Free Component As the energy transition moves forward and is likely to be accelerated by the Biden administration’s strong support for renewables, nuclear generation likely will remain a significant carbon-free […]

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Great Developments in the Solar Panel Installation Industry

There are lots of great developments in the solar panel installation Industry! The cost of installing a solar power electric generation system has dropped – a lot. Renewable Energy incentives have been extended by the federal government. Solar power storage and PV cell electric power generation are crossing new thresholds. And solar power is available…

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