Earth Overshoot Day Shows Green Solar Energy Need

According to 2021 Earth Overshoot Days, the number of earths needed to live as we do in the US is five.  We don’t have five earths, so maybe it’s time to reconsider lifestyles.  This year, the Earth Overshoot day was July 29.   

What does it mean?   Earth Overshoot Day is a way to mark the day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceed what the Earth can regenerate in the same year.  Around the world, people are taking steps to “Move the date”.  Reflecting on our personal global footprints can be overwhelming, but only as long as you do nothing to reduce it.  When you take action, you make a huge difference.

Taking Action to Move Earth Overshoot Day

Our earth’s regenerative powers are incredible.  With that said, we take so much from it.  Today, more than ever, people are becoming aware of the need to stop taking so much.  That is great.  We can do something about this and the first step is to become aware of the need to do something. 

Years ago, choosing to use green energy was cost prohibitive for the average consumer.  Times have changed.  Federal incentive programs lessened the costs for home and business owners.  Over time industry advancements resulted in a hard solar installation cost reduction of more than 80%.  Not only is solar conversion more affordable today than ever before, but it will actually save money over the life of your system.  As more and more people convert to solar energy, the skies are becoming clearer, making the solar panels more efficient at producing more electricity. 

Solar is a Great Power Resource

The sun offers constant energy for us to harness and use.  We can’t use it up.  As long as the earth rotates there will be daily sun exposure.  If your roof or ground area is not covered with solar panels, that radiation from the sun’s rays is wasted.  Once your solar panels are installed the panels will convert all that free energy to electricity for your use.  A solar battery will hold the power for later, or the excess can go into the grid.  After the sun sets, you can buy back the electricity you need at night, or you can pull it from your solar storage battery, depending on how you are set up.  Electric bills are miniscule or nonexistent, saving you thousands of dollars a year.  The life of a solar power system outlasts the average reported breakeven point by almost two decades!  With the tax incentives and electricity savings going green will more than pay for itself.

Conversions to Clean Energy Savings Moves Earth Overshoot Day

Randy Golla founded Renewable Solar Resources, a Plymouth Minnesota Solar installation firm, years ago to offer solar energy solutions.  The Renewable Solar Resources team has the expertise, knowledge and professionalism to realize your clean energy goals.  Renewable Solar Resources has offered free energy audits for years.  They know an audit can help clients figure out the best plan for their home or business solar power conversion.  Not only have people discovered how to save more money; they discovered ways to keep their quality of life without using so much energy.   They make the process smooth, figuring out configuration and need, obtaining permits and more.  You will wonder why you waited so long, when the solar conversion process feels so easy!