D.I.Y. vs. Cane Masters Crafted Cane

D.I.Y. vs.  a Cane Master  American Hardwood, carved customizable walking cane.  See the difference?

DIY vs Cane Masters crafted cane

Cane Master Offers Canes that are carved from an American Hardwood, with the horn, carving, engraving and finish options of your choice.  Cane Master Canes can go with you anywhere, as your mobility device.  If you train with Grand Master Mark Shuey’s Cane Master American Cane System, you will soon learn the cane-centric self defense moves that can give you the confidence you need to go more places with your new found mobility.  Don’t use a DIY cane that shatters at impact.  Visit CaneMasters.com for a strong beautifullty crafted cane that you can be proud to use as your mobility aid.