DIY vs. Call the Professional

The more I stay at home the longer the repair list on my home grows…because I am noticing more.  Finally, my partner and I realized that unless we want to risk doing each task 3 or 4 times until we figure out the right way to do it, then we needed to break down the list into DIY and Call the Professionals.  Here is my list of which to attempt myself and which to call a professional to do.

Here are Some Repairs that Make Sense to DIY:

Changing HVAC filters.  This task is easy to do and during allergy season especially, will make a difference for everyone in your household.

Inspect the sump pump –  after a rain, listen to whether the pump turns on automatically.  Remove the cover and look inside the sump pit.  If water is low, pump seems to be doing its job.  Examine the pump for any obstructions or debris in the surrounding pit.  Make sure the sump pump is plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter.  Pour a bucket of water into the sump pump if it is a dry day.  Verify the pump turns on once water level reaches the predetermined level.


Fixing leaky faucets. This can be a DIY, but consider whether you are 1. Mechanically inclined 2. Strong enough to unscrew the faucet and 3. Know enough to know whether you will just need a new washer, or need to call a plumber.

Fix running toilets.  You don’t need super strength or aptitude for this one.  Hardware stores sell replacement toilet assemblies by parts or by kits.  Getting a complete assembly kit is the best bet, and will give you fewer headaches.   

Caulking the tub or shower.  Replacing caulk around the tub or shower before the mold moves in can save thousands of dollars.  Nevertheless, caulk can be a mess, so decide if you want to deal with it before your fingers and are covered with it or it gets in your hair. 

Install a programmable thermostat– these are all different, but the instructions come in the packaging and are usually user friendly.  Once installed, you are ready to save money

Home Repairs and Renovations for Professionals to Do:

Major home changes.  Whether adding an addition or knocking out a wall, unless you have experience, call a professional.  It is NOT as easy as the TV shows make it look.

Roof Repairs.  Fixing post-storm damage is an urgent need, but All Pro Xteriors Inc. has professionals who scale rooftops and clean up the aftermath of storms.  Call All Pro Xteriors Inc. at (952) 486-7834 and get a professional, experienced and skilled crew who knows roof repair and roof replacement.  Your insurance may cover the damage and you won’t fall off the roof because you won’t need to go up on the roof.

Tree removal.  20 foot falls from trees, falling branches, chain saw cuts, rocks flying, trees that fall the wrong direction, roof damage, property damage, lawsuits and head injuries.  That’s enough said on that subject.  Call a professional unless you remove trees for a living.

Animal removal.  Ever tried to remove a raccoon or skunk from your home.  Raccoons bite and spit when threatened and skunks smell horrendously bad.  Call animal control.  And then contact All Pro Xteriors to make sure the animal’s entryway is closed off tightly.

Window Replacement.  Sure, you could replace your windows, but All Pro Xteriors Inc. will take away the old windows, install the new windows and seal the windows so water won’t make its way into your home’s walls.   You won’t have the frustration that comes with this task.