Do You Recognize Signs of Storm Damage on Your Home?

It seems like it would be obvious if your home suffered storm damage, right?  There would be missing shingles, a tree through the roof, or dented siding, broken windows etc.  Sometimes the symptoms of home damage don’t present until later.  By then, how the damage originally got there, even when it was caused by a storm, may be unclear.  Homeowner’s insurance may cover all or most of the repairs, if the damage can be tracked to the storm that delivered it, so recognizing it quickly could be key to getting help covering the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged roof, windows or siding.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. is experienced in working with insurance companies.  We offer free exterior home inspections and may be able to help you through the steps to getting the repairs approved and completed.

Storm Damage to the Roof:

Appearance of Hail Damage: On an asphalt roof, according to, hail damage looks like a dark spot where the roofing granules have been knocked away.  You may also find holes, cracking or missing shingles from hail or storm damaged roofs.  High winds can leave split seams or missing shingles.  On other types of roofs, shake, metal, tile and slate, damage can manifest as cracked shingles, missing shingles, torn or split seams and missing sections of the roof.

Why it matters: The split or missing shingles and holes may create or develop into leaks.  The resulting water damage can lead to mold growth and wood rot.  In a domino effect, this can compromise the roof’s soundness, leaving your home more vulnerable to additional damage, infestation and possible collapse of the roof.  Even just missing granules can contribute to weakening of your roof.  Keep in mind, damage may not be visible from the ground but can be found during a simple All Pro Xteriors inspection.

Storm Damage to Siding or Paint:

Hail, wind, heavy rain and flying debris are common culprits of damage to your home’s exterior.  Once your home has been hit by hail, you might see discolored spots, dents, or even chips or cracks in your home’s siding or paint. 

Why it matters: Siding and house paint are layers of protection to your home.  Even when you see only discolored spots, your siding has suffered some damage and may have lost some of its integrity.  If there are chips and cracks, then water can not only permeate the siding, but it can be trapped in between the siding and your home, rotting the wood it reaches and spurring mold growth. Wish your siding held up better in storms?  Vinyl siding from All Pro Xteriors is certified to withstand winds up to 110 mph or higher. 

Storm Damage to Windows:

Strong Storms can bring high winds that ravage homes.  If your home was hit by high winds, hail, or debris, cracked or broken windows and damaged window casings are common signs of damage. 

Why it Matters:  Since this damage involves glass, a broken, missing, or shattered window can be dangerous.  Look for shards of glass, but be careful picking them up and do not use your bare hands.  Be sure any shattered windows are boarded up until they can be repaired.  Windows are great for letting light into your home, but they need to be repaired to keep weather and pests out. Damaged window casings, while keeping out pests, may allow water into your home spreading damage from the foundation to the walls.

What to do after the storm passes:

Once you know your family is safe, you should call your insurance company.  Ask them their process for handling a homeowner insurance claim.  Then call All Pro Xteriors Inc.  We offer free inspections for roofs, gutter systems, siding and windows that are contact free and can be digitally delivered.  This can be stressful a time, but All Pro Xteriors Inc. can take some home repair stress off your shoulders.  Our team of professionals is local and has been with us for years.  We take care of the job professionally and quickly, so you can get back to your family.

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