February HomeOwner Maintenance List

Think summer is the time for home maintenance?  Think again. Some jobs should be done in February and others in March.  We know its cold out there, but this is AllProXteriors’ specialty, so you tackle the interior projects in the warmth of your home and get help from the Pros at AllProXteriors for the outside jobs.  February is a good time for both kinds of home love projects.  Here are some home maintenance steps real estate professionals on Realtor.com recommend taking in February. 

  1. Spruce up your home with paint, Painting walls is an inexpensive way to freshen up the place and make you feel less claustrophobic.  It is amazing how much better a room looks when the paint is free of scuffs and scrapes.
  2. Clean and organize your laundry room.  Clean the buildup on your washer, replace broken baskets and bins, throw away what you never use, and hang shelves to keep dangerous laundry products out of reach of kids and pets.
  3. Clean out dryer vents.  This is an easy chore that seems to be put off by many of us.  Ignoring this can damage your dryer at worst, and decrease its efficiency, increase utility bills and at the very worst, cause a fire.
  4. Clean and maintain your sump pump.  Spring rains and spring thaw is just around the corner.  Maintenance on your sump pump in February means you are ready for the groundwater increase coming soon. 
  5. Check for roof leaks, missing shingles and damaged vent boots.  You don’t have to climb on the roof to check for leaks.  When it rains, go into your attic and look for wet spots or water coming in.  Then call All Pro Xteriors at (952) 486-7834 or visit our website on the ResourceShark™ global directory at AllProXteriors.com for a quote on what it would take to cure the problem.  If you aren’t sure how to spot leaks, your professional at AllProXteriors.com can take care of that too. 

The next article will discuss March home maintenance tasks.  How you maintain your home  in these winter months affects how much maintenance is needed later.  If you are trying to plan for work in the spring and summer, AllProXteriors can help you plan for the cost and time needed to get the job done.  Visit our site at AllProXteriors.com for more information.