Grand Master Shuey & the North Tahoe Martial Arts Resumes Private Lessons

Grand Master Mark Shuey and the North Tahoe Martial Arts is offering private lessons again, but if you cant make it to North Tahoe (and its beautiful, so get there if you can.), then you can still study martial arts from Grand Master Mark Shuey.  You can try out the Cane Masters Inc. virtual dojo for one week free, by redeeming the guest pass great try before you buy opportunity.

The virtual dojo offers 24 hour-a-day access to the Mark Shuey American Cane System of Martial Arts.  Each week live and recorded training sessions from the beautiful headquarters of North Lake Tahoe, offer training for all levels.  There will be training on yoga, cane katas (forms), weapons disarming moves and other cane exercises. 

If you need one on one sessions with Grand Master Mark Shuey, but cannot physically be in the North Tahoe Martial Arts headquarters, you can set up remote one on one remote sessions with Grand Master Mark Shuey, where you can train in your own home.  All you need is internet connection and a good screen so you can see the moves as you are trained.

Questions?  Call or text (800) 422-2263 for more information.