If You’ve Got Land, We’ve got PV Panels for it.

Got a little land?  Perfect!  Renewable Solar Resources has solar panels for it that will turn that land into an energy producing machine saving you thousands of dollars in electrical costs.  We are serious.  We mean it when we say if you’ve got land, we’ve got PV panels for it.

With the federal and state incentives,  dropping costs of the panels and installation equipment, this is a great time to have solar panels installed on your roof or lawn.  Once installed, the energy production is free.  Solar panels are generally rated for 25 years but many are lasting even longer.  That could be because there are no moving gears or similar parts to go bad. Even if you use more electricity than you produce, your solar energy system will keep producing for years after it pays for itself.  That gives you years to enjoy free electricity production while your friends and neighbors complain about rising electric bills.  Go easy on them.  Not everyone can have the foresight you have, to know solar power is the path to the future.

How PV Panel Installation Works

In Minnesota, when you call Renewable Solar Resources, you can set up your free consultation and energy audit.  The resulting report tells you how you can reduce your electricity consumption by making simple changes.  Even if you never go through with your conversion, you can use the information you get to save you money.  Then the Renewable Solar Resources representative will check your property for best PV (photovoltaic) rays.  They also check your roof to figure out if it can support the panels if that is where you want them installed.  The PV information helps determine whether your property supports a solar power system installation.  After the audit is completed, the representative reviews the results with you so you can make an informed decision.

PV Panel Installation Time

Having an experienced professional like Renewable Solar Resources install your PV panels makes all the difference.  Renewable Solar will handle all of the permits and the connection process to the electrical grid.  With their years of experience, Renewable Solar can provide guidance on the tax incentive process so you maximize your installation savings.  Then, the installation itself is quick and smooth.  When your new solar power production system is hooked up, any installation mess will be removed before the crew leaves the site.  You will be left with home sweet home and low or no electric bills.

Let the Solar Savings Begin

Renewable Solar Resources loves getting messages from clients about watching electric meters running backwards!  Who wouldn’t enjoy watching that happen? It is true that customers who convert to solar power save money.  Even after buying back some of that electricity after dark, it is common for solar power customers to not need to pay electric bills for most of the year.  In the winter, it is possible when snow covers the panels that they don’t produce electricity, but when a corner melts, the panels speed up the process to get cleared faster.  The angle of the panels helps too.  That means, summer or winter, you will be realizing savings on electricity.  Homeowners in the north who have panels say it looks like the panels pay for themselves by the 8th year.  With a lifespan rating of 25 years, that gives you years of free electricity! 

If you’ve got land, we’ve got PV panels to put on it, that will save you money, but contact us and get the facts first.  We love helping others move toward a sunny energy future.