Join Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo live

Tired of four walls?  Being told to go home used to be fighting words.  Now they save lives.   

Need a break?  Come work out with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, creator of the American Cane System and Cane Masters.  Learn about the Mark Shuey cane adjacent martial arts systems like Cane Fu, self-defense fighting and Cane Chi, the fitness and rehabilitation system.  Now you can try out Grandmaster Mark Shuey’s virtual Dojo at no obligation!  Experience the difference of joining a live session.  For a limited time, you can enjoy one week free, by clicking to get this coupon.  When you decide you want more, you can subscribe for one month, six months or one year.  Each subscription is on sale now at

After you spend a week in the Mark Shuey virtual Dojo, spend some time hanging out with Mark Shuey himself at 10 am PDT on Saturdays in a zoom session and ask all the questions you ever had about the American Cane system, including Cane fu, Cane Chi, silver dragons, and more.