Joining the Global Energy Transformation

The Global Energy Transformation: how each of us can be part of it.

Global Energy Transformation

Global Energy Transformation

A profound global energy transformation is taking place as I write this.  The transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is set to upset the geopolitical scene, power dynamics and trade patterns. According to International Renewable Energy Agency, current policies offer a slow path to worldwide carbon neutral  goals.  Renewable energy production needs to increase six times its current production levels.  Electricity needs to be generated through renewable energy carbon neutral methods. And finally, Electricity as a share of energy usage must rise to half of all energy usage.    We have heard warnings, but as severe weather changes become more obvious, it seems clear change is becoming imperative.  Carbon output needs to drop, and electricity may be the easiest sector to make the biggest difference.

In 2020 global electricity demand experienced its biggest decline in decades.  Electricity demand is expected to rebound modestly in 2021, growing by about 3%.Since demand increased by as much as 7% in  2010, scientists are feeling good about 3%. Meanwhile, the way that electricity is generated is changing.  Complete numbers are not yet in, but electricity generation from renewable energy; wind, solar, and hydropower is forecast to grow by nearly 7% for 2020.  Coal fired electricity generation is set to fall by the highest percent in decades, around 5%. As renewable and nuclear power production grow, the need for fossil fuel power generation should decline further in advanced economies.

The individual Energy Transformation Opportunity

What is different about renewable energy, is that most individuals can make the decision to convert their homes to operate on solar and wind power whether they stay in the grid or not.  There are many things out of our hands, but converting to solar generated electricity is something we can do to make a big difference, that benefits us. You do not have to wait for the government to begin relying on free power from the sun.  You can have your own solar power generation system installed.  Once you do, it runs quietly and effectively to produce enough electricity to power your home.  Renewable energy technology offers safe, reliable, and affordable means to reduce your carbon emissions without losing quality of life.

Professional Solar Installation Company

In Minnesota, the solar installation company that can guide you through the installation process is Renewable Solar Resources.  This is a renewable energy firm helping Minnesota “customers understand, design and implement clean affordable energy solutions.”  Renewable Solar Resources is a family run, no-pressure company that makes the energy conversion process headache free.  From the free energy consultation to the energy audit, permits, and system installation, enjoy a smooth solar power conversion.

Off-grid or not, you begin to save money from the moment your solar power generation system is active.  If you are part of the grid, you may be able to sell back excess power generated from your system.  Consumers choosing to function off the electric grid may choose power storage options that hold enough power for overnight use. Your electric bills drop or go away altogether, and the return on your investment begins.  It turns out, with price drops and electricity bill savings, lowering your carbon output can save you money.  So while the world’s energy use is transformed you can transform your home and help reach world carbon outpu