Where Solar Power Installations Reign

Solar power is growing more popular than ever in the United States. It is a critical component in the race to reach clean energy goals by 2030. Just where are solar power installations happening?   In fact, in spite of the pandemic setback, 19.2 GW were installed in 2020, a new record in the US solar market.  Over the next 10 years an estimated 348 GW will be installed.  That’s more than 3 times the amount installed through 2020!  With all the advances in US Solar power installations, the US is lagging far behind a China, the solar power leader.

Incentives play a large part

Ever wonder where solar power is used the most?  Generating over 170 KWhs of Solar generated electricity, China uses the most solar power in the world.  It has a projected 370 KWhs of solar power installations by 2024.  Why is China so far ahead?  It turns out that government incentives seem to be the largest driver of solar power. 

Many countries are now embracing a renewable energy transition to enhance their economies following the Global pandemic hiccup.  The incentives they are rolling out are boosting the transition to solar power for many.  Europe especially, has been offering renewable energy incentives.  Those incentives were leveraged when pushing Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and France to the top of solar farm capacity.  The European Union countries, in compliance with the Paris Accord are planning to convert most of their electricity production to renewable resources by 2050.  Solar power is projected to become the primary power source.

Meanwhile governments are seeing great benefits from the use of solar panels in electricity production.  Solar thermal plants are gaining recognition as the future power superstar.

Where the top ten installations of Photovoltaic Panels are happening

The solar rankings are China in the lead at 178,070 GWh of installed PV, United States at 85,184 GWh of installed PV, followed by Japan at 62,667 GWh of installed PV.  Next up is Germany at 45,784 GWh installed PV.  India is next, at 31,066 GWh of Installed PV.  Italy installed 22,666 GWh PV followed by the UK with 12,857 Solar Power installations.  Spain, France and Australia followed in 8, 9 and 10 place.  France has committed to catching up by the next Olympics and will power the games by solar.

Advantage of Super Sunny areas

The sun’s energy is everywhere around the globe, but there are areas richer in solar radiation.  Anywhere there is more sun, There is potential for higher solar productivity in the energy mix.  Some of the highest sun exposure areas are found in Africa, South America, India Australia and parts of the US. In spite of that, Solar Reviews.com notes “nearly every inch of the world has the potential to host solar panels and power the renewable energy future.

In Minnesota, a family run firm called Renewable Solar Resources has spent years working to support the transition to clean solar power systems on residential and commercial properties.  Renewable Solar Resources believes in a clean energy future and has found solar to be an incredibly reliable energy source even in the north.  Solar panels, inverters and solar storage have continued to become ever more efficient, making solar an incredibly affordable option for renewable energy of today and the future.