More Mobility Due to One Simple Medical Device

The goal of Physical therapy is to help you function, move and live better and with less pain.  Sounds great, but the reality is a struggle.  Cane Masters was conceived with the goal of mobility in mind, in addition to the original idea of self-defense.  For those who must use a cane to travel even the shortest distances that most take for granted – like walking through a room in your home, going down the stairs…or up, or going to dinner; added mobility can be a game changer.  

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

The reality hit home for me when I finally understood that the reason my father had high back wooden chairs set up throughout his home, was for support when he went through the room.  I tripped over them, but they were his cane system.  Today, there is a better system.

The canes from cane masters Inc. can be purchased in a Exercise Wellness and Rehabilitation manual set that includes a hardwood cane, two exercise resistance bands (starter and intermediate as you regain your strength), a Cane-chi video and a Cane-chi manual with easy to follow pictures illustrating proper position and execution.  This will not replace your physical therapy, but will certainly enhance it.  Show it to your doctor.  Watch how quickly you will begin to develop strength and balance.  Cane Masters makes beautiful carved hardwood canes, but the real beauty of their mission, is that Cane Masters offers a way to safely regain lost mobility and quality of life.  Find out more at or call Cane Masters at (800) 422-2263.