NSL Delivers Materials Testing for Pharmaceutical Industry

Products for Which we Rely on Materials Testing: Pharmaceuticals

Today, a crushing headache drove me to the cabinet where our aspirin and other pain relievers are stored.  Once the throbbing subsided, I realized that ingredients for pills and other pharmaceuticals must be materials tested.  When products tablets, capsules or biotech products are being developed, as few as 15 and as many as 60 different raw materials may be needed.  So how do we know those materials are safe to ingest?  Materials Testing Services like NSL Analytical Services perform tests on each of the materials to be used in the product.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Identification:  Consumers check labels for identification of ingredients, but manufacturers cannot take for granted any of the materials going into medicine.  Manufacturers can buy from a reputable source but will still test a small quantity of the materials for identification among other things.

Purity: Before the manufacturing process can begin, all materials that will go into the medicine, must be tested for purity.

Quality:  The quality of the material being used in chemical compounds for medicines sold daily must be ascertained.  We choose over the counter medicines by what works, we count on Services like NSL Analytical to make sure the quality of the materials used in our medicine is excellent.

Testing for pharmaceutical products includes

  • Physicochemical Properties
  • Identity and Purity – Small Molecules
  • Identity and Purity – Large Molecules

It is nice to be able, when you get a cold, take medicine you know can relieve the symptoms and discomfort.  Firms like NSL Analytical Services makes that relief much safer.