Protect Yourself Against Rising Electric Costs

You can protect your family against rising energy costs.  Utility costs go up more often than any of us want.  From 2002 to 2018, Minnesota power on average, grew about 3.6 percent per year.  Residential electricity prices in Minnesota have continued to rise, and a recently approved rate hike could push the state residential electric costs over the national average.

Electricity is one of the most basic expenses for households.  Of the most basic human needs, housing, food and clothing, housing requires electricity and heat.   So how can you protect your electric energy costs from constantly increasing?  The increase in electric bills seems to be from commercial  investments in changing power conversion resources from coal to natural gas or renewable energy.  If you really want to control your electric costs for the future, you need your own energy generation system.

Many homeowners have fears that the conversion cost will be too high.  It is not cheap, but the hard costs, that of the solar panels and related equipment, have dropped over 80 percent in the last decade.  You can use a home improvement refinance or a home equity line of credit to complete the conversion if you do not have cash on hand.  And here are incentives to help you recoup that expenditure through credits and refunds, so once the cash outlay is conducted, there are ways to get some of those funds back.  Best of all, when your conversion is handled by a firm like renewable solar resources, you just cut out your electric bills for twenty five to forty years, depending on how long your panels last. (panels are rated for twenty five years, but research is revealing that most last longer.)

When the panels produce more electricity than you can use, your power grid can resell that overage, and issue you a check for that month’s resold electricity.  You have power cells to hole enough power for your nighttime use, and because you are no longer paying monthly electric bills,  you have locked in your cost of electricity for decades.  No more rate hikes for you.

Some homeowners are concerned about the amount of Sunlight that can reasonably be relied upon in Minnesota. There are a few different reasons why this may not be the critical concern it once was.  Before any panels are installed, professionals from Renewable Solar Resources will check out the property site for the most beneficial placement of solar panel system.  Readings will give a reliable indication of whether panels will be able to generate enough power for the home.  Also, technological advances mean panels have become increasingly efficient at converting sunlight to power.  What might have been a problem years ago has been constantly improved and resolved.  Batteries have also become more effective at storing the energy generated by your system, so you can access the  power you generate for longer periods of time.

Overall, solar energy systems have become more efficient and less costly, while commercial electric rates have been consistently rising.  It is more logical than ever to convert now to renewable solar energy to power your home.  You can not only contribute to clean air and healthier environment, but can also save you money while you save the world. Nice job.