Protecting Your Home from the Sun

The weather is great, and people can finally get back outdoors, even if only at a distance from each other.  Spring is a reminder that we have sunny days ahead, and it feels great!  But, did you realize even sun can damage your home?  The Sun’s ultraviolet rays do more than give sunburns and add to skin cancer.  Prolonged sunlight can deteriorate siding, roofing, furniture,  flooring, and anything else in or on your home that the sun reaches at regular intervals.

There are ways to protect your home from the sun’s damaging rays.

Special UV filtering windows.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. has replacement windows available that can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays.  Antiques, artwork, rugs, furniture, even wood and glassware can be ravaged by repeated exposure to UV rays.  When you contact, ask us about beautiful windows that protect against UV fading and doing other damage to surfaces and valuables in your home. 

Heat Resistant Vinyl Siding. Even when you are not in a hot climate, reflected sun can heat up vinyl siding, causing buckling.  Vinyl siding is a great product in so many ways.  It is usually more affordable that other types of siding, is more energy efficient than the old aluminum or wood options, and is low maintenance.  Unfortunately, if your neighbor’s windows don’t have screens, or if the sun hits your roof next to your dormer at just the right angle, the sun’s heat can be amplified when it is reflected off of their window onto your vinyl siding.  One way to soften the glare is to plant greenery to block the bounce.  But it will take time for those shrubs to reach the necessary height to give you immediate relief.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. offers heat resistant vinyl siding to stand up to high temperatures of the reflected sun’s damaging rays.  Having your old siding replaced may make a bigger difference than you thought, since vinyl siding technology is constantly evolving to be an even stronger choice for homeowners.

Heat resistant Shingles or Metal Roofs.  Over time, sun exposure can damage roofs too.  Warped shingles can be a sign of  normal wear and tear, or it can be caused by the sun’s hot rays.  If you see curling edges of your shingles, it is likely to be a warning sign of heat or sun damage on your roof.  Other signs of heavy UV strain on your home’s roof may be bleaching or faded shingles.  If you notice your roof’s color appears “softer” than you remembered, you are seeing the first sign that you need to call the Minnesota roofing experts at All Pro Xteriors Inc.  When you notice pieces of your shingles in the gutter or on your lawn, this is another sign your roof is succumbing to the sun’s brutal assault.  Crumbling shingles, common in older shingles can leave your home vulnerable to the elements.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. has new shingles more resistant to harmful UV light.  Just let us know what your concerns are, and schedule your free inspection.  We can help you make a plan to have the sun ravaged roof replaced by a UV resistant option.

As always, your safety and that of our employees is our priority.  Inspections are contactless, and are digitally delivered complete with photos of any problem areas found.  Exterior work on the home can be done without breaking any social distancing protocols.  Tell us your concerns, we are ready to listen at (952) 486-7834.