Solar Power Batteries Brighten Homes

solar power batteries storage

solar power batteries storage

On a winter day I look outside my window and see sleet turn to snow.  This seems like the right time of year to talk about the importance of Solar Power even in a northern winter.  Whether you see the sun or not, it is still working to provide the entire earth enough power to run all of our homes, all year.  That is because the sun is powerful and because solar power has evolved over decades of use.  The original systems still work.  However, today’s option of a PV plus storage system installation can change how homeowners employ their PV system.   Solar panels are able to convert somewhat more electricity than those of several decades ago.  With that said, the real superstar in residential solar power systems, are the stronger lithium ion batteries.  Solar power batteries brighten homes across the U.S.

Usage Period Doesn’t Match Peak Power Generation

One of the ironies of Solar power is that ordinarily, peak power generation is opposite of the peak usage period.  While being part of the grid allows net metering to recoup unused electricity, credits may not reach full retail price.  You save on your power bills either way   Still, investing in a solar power battery that can hold your energy until you utilize it more fully can save money overall.

Find out your storage options with no pressure professionals.  Renewable Solar Resources is a family run Minnesota Solar installation company with nearly a decade of experience.  Visit  or call Randy at (888) 432-9024 for energy storage option information. Randy loves to talk about PV systems and your alternatives.  He loves the chance to share how PV systems work and whether it is the right choice for you.

Know the Terms

There are a few features of solar power batteries that you should know when you are considering which, if any, you hope to have installed in your PV system.  Capacity is the amount of power the battery can store measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).  An average American household uses about 30kWh per day.  A solar battery has a capacity of about 10 kWh.  The depth of discharge shows how much of your battery capacity can be used before the batteries life span is shortened.  The higher the depth of discharge (DoD)like 40% or higher, the more use you’ll get from your battery’s capacity.  Think of Power as the amount of electricity a battery can deliver at any one moment.  Round-trip efficiency is the difference between the amount of energy required to charge and the amount of energy available. Note: a higher round-trip efficiency percentage of 80% or more is better.  A battery’s warranty can give you an idea of the number of years you can expect good performance.  It also should guarantee the specific capacity the battery will maintain.

Improved Cost Effectiveness

Green Tech Media published a report on the cost of a PV system with batteries compared to fossil fuel based electricity purchase.  The cost of a PV system with batteries obviously is higher than the cost of a PV system without batteries.  However, the combination of declining costs combined with grid electricity retail price hikes make the PV systems more cost effective.  While the costs have changed since the article was published in 2017, the overall point is well taken.  Retail electricity prices around the country have continued to rise while the hard costs of PV systems have been plummeting. It only seems to make the power storage option more attractive, especially on a cold winter day in the northern states.  Contact Renewable Solar Resources for information on how solar power batteries can brighten your home.