Need to know if your carbon fiber reinforced nylon automotive parts have the necessary strength for the intended application?  Perhaps you are using Metal Additive manufacturing for the parts.  In either application, the technology is emerging, and constantly evolving.  To control the parts created through the additive manufacturing process, manufacturing monitoring variability from machine to machine, temperature and other in process variants must be monitored. 

Powder Characterization at NSL Analytical Services

NSL Analytical Services supports the Additive Manufacturing industry by providing testing of powder metals and ceramic feedstock, prototype design and final product tests. NSL Analytical tests encompass:

Material composition through chemical analysis of trace and major elements not only for R&D, but also for specification conformance.

Powder Characterization tests of Density, flow rate, particle size and distribution and particle shape.

Validation of Metal Additive Manufactured Parts using metallurgical analysis, mechanical testing, microstructure analysis, component and product failure analysis, processing issues, and SEM / EDX analysis.

Powder Studies on alloy development and powder re-use.

Whether your product is an Additive Manufacturing product, nuclear or other, NSL Analytical Services works diligently to continue to earn your trust as a leader in materials testing by continuously meeting or exceeding the most exacting standards of researchers, government agencies and businesses around the world.  Visit for a list of accreditations, certifications, and information on testing services available for your needs.