Summer Home Maintenance Signs

The Independence Day 2020 Sparklers are going off.  No matter how you usually spend the fourth of July, this year will be a little different.  Many events are cancelled, others have gone to virtual presentations, reaching audiences only by way of internet, and those that stayed open, have begun limiting attendees in an effort to keep the new cases of SARS CoV-2 / COVID19 from skyrocketing.  That makes home an even more important place to be for you and your family.  So, here’s to cookouts, and backyard swimming pools and a cold beverage in your own garden. 

All of that may still be wonderful, but it also means that it is more important than ever that your home gets the TLC maintenance needed as your “gathering place”.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. wants to make sure your home’s exterior stays sound, and offers no-contact free home exterior inspections of your roof, gutter system, siding, windows and doors.  We can deliver the inspection digitally with pictures of problems we may find.

Signs of damage to look for:

Roof: if you have an asphalt roof that is shedding its granules, your roof may be coming to the end of its lifespan.  Curled, chipped or cracked shingles is another sign a roof is worn out.  Missing shingles is a sign of storm damage that may be more severe than the few missing shingles you spot.  If you have one or more leaks in your roof, you know your roof needs attention.  Summer is a good time for work to be done on your roof.  All Pro Xteriors has an experienced, skilled crew that can complete the work in days, letting you get back to your summer routine.

Gutters: When it rains, does the rain pour off the roof in places where there is no downspout?  Does the rain puddle at the base of the downspout instead of flowing away from the property?  Maybe the rain is collecting in your gutters and staying there.  Are your soffits and fascia boards beginning to warp, corrode, or rust depending on their construction?  Any of these issues can lead to widespread damage to your home, if the gutters are not repaired or replaced.  Visit or call (952) 486-7834 to find out more about the options All Pro Xteriors Inc. offers in gutter installation colors and styles.  Yes, gutters can be beautiful and the professionals at All Pro Xteriors can tell you how.

Siding: Storms can be brutal in Minnesota, damaging even the siding on homes.  If your siding is chipped, cracked or sagging, you may need replacement siding.  If a section appears warped, either from direct sunlight or from a reflection of sunlight, then you may need a higher heat resistant siding in that area, and All Pro Xteriors can walk you through how to protect your home with quality vinyl siding products available today.

Windows:  Window and door technology is constantly advancing, and that means windows and doors are increasingly energy efficient, easier to clean, and with more style and endurance than ever.  Contact All Pro Xteriors Inc.  to set up your free home inspection today.  Our professionals can walk you through any exterior home maintenance decisions your home may need.  We can even help you with your insurance company if you are struggling to get your claim resolved.  You have lots of things on your mind in the summer of 2020, but All Pro Xteriors can help take home improvement off your shoulders.