Tax Liens are No Longer on Your Credit Report!

Tax Liens are no longer reported on Credit Reports on any of the Three Bureaus, Equifax, Experian or Transunion.  In 2017, nineteen complainants filed against Equifax due to the harm suffered as a result of inaccurate tax lien information reported on their credit.  In 2017 half of tax liens were removed, in 2018 all tax liens were removed, not just from Equifax but from all three bureaus. 

Tax Liens appear on credit reports up to 7 to 10 years

Even if paid, tax liens used to appear on your credit for up to seven years.  Unpaid tax liens appeared on your credit for up to ten years.  There was enough inaccurately reporting that those liens reported might not even be yours, but were very difficult to have removed or proven false. 

This new decision can improve your credit score, but if you do have tax liens on your property, keep in mind that those will still impact mortgage loan decisions and may keep you from refinancing your home, even after you get conditional loan approval.  No Mortgage lender wants to be in second or third place lien position after tax liens.  The title search will uncover those liens during the refinance process.  If you have already paid the lien debt, but the lien was not properly removed, you can get help at