The All Pro Xteriors Team: Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Why do Spring breezes smell so much fresher than the cold winds of winter?  Unfortunately, for all of us stuck home to “shelter in place”, all those projects we put off for the winter, still need doing.  The good news, if you are in Minnesota or western Wisconsin, is that All Pro Xteriors is still there, as they have been for over twenty years, to take care of all of your exterior home renovations. 

Customer safety and well being is the first concern of your All Pro Xteriors team.  We understand the need to keep a social distance, but we also understand the need to make sure All Pro Xteriors customers are safe, especially when hail damage or storm damage is making your home unsafe.  To carry on business in a safe way during the COVID 19 pandemic, All Pro Xteriors has made some changes. 

All Pro Xteriors can execute a whole exterior home inspection, including roofing and siding, while you keep your social distance.  The All Pro Xterior team member will photograph any problem spots that should be repaired or replaced.  Those pictures can then be sent to your phone or email with recommendations of what work should be done and an estimate of the cost of that work.  You still will be able to make an informed decision with actual pictures of the damage, so you can see the areas that need the work. 

All Pro Xteriors Inc. can set up the exterior home renovations work order electronically if you decide you want to move forward.  As Always, All Pro Xteriors’ experienced crew will get the job done quickly and efficiently.  A team member will be on site and will inspect your home once the exterior home renovation work is done.  This meticulous attention to detail makes All Pro Xteriors customers happier after the exterior home renovation work is completed. 

Stay safe out there. If you think you may have roof damage, siding problems or need replacement windows, call All Pro Xteriors at (952) 486-7834 so we can help you keep your home a secure refuge during the crisis.  The no obligation inspection is always free and now is social distance compliant.  Find out more at